Sunday, June 11, 2006


End of Week 4 and Maybe ...1/2 Way

Billy "Boatman" has been steady and efficient, but the window suppliers are being less than cooperative. All of the extra West System Epoxy arrived from Billy's source, as well as the bi-axial Fiberglass cloth. All of the 545 Primer and Awl Grip High Build primer arrived with required catalysts and converters from U.S. Paints. This time I chose the color "Matterhorn White" by Interlux in a Polyurethane one part paint, Brightsides. All of these items were supplied by Jamestown Distributors, very friendly and competitive. This over several primer coats and mucho epoxy and new wood should get her ready for all new windows and doors.
Cheri still hasn't seen WD since BBT started on her 3rd refit, under our ownership of WD. Posted by Picasa

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